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Best Options for the Perfect Sex Positions With the Lesbians


There are a lot of Kama sutra positions that are suitable for heterosexual couples, but when it comes to lesbian positions, good tips are sometimes hard to find. That is why we have listed the delicious sex positions for your lesbian escorthired.


Lesbian positions are the rocket ‘In your face’ acquires a completely different meaning with this position! While your wife is lying on her back, you can place your knees beside her shoulders. Tease her by gently letting your buttocks go over her nipples. Move your pelvis forward so that it can reach your clitoris well. You have complete control here since you can move your vagina up, down, forward or backward.

Your partner has her hands free to massage your buttocks. Over time, the position may become a little heavier for you. You can prevent you from sitting down on her face by leaning slightly forward and seeking support by leaning on your hands.


Lesbian positions – doggy style “Doggy style? Isn’t that something for straight or gay? “No, lesbians can also enjoy this position! He may be a little less personal, but he is certainly sexy. Your partner gets on hands and knees while you take a seat behind her.

There are now a number of options. You can caress her clitoris and vagina by moving your hand forward or back. But you also have plenty of room to pamper her buttocks and anus. Finally, it is the perfect position to penetrate her with a strapless strap on or a strap- on dildo.

The Lotus

It is not for nothing a classic! Sit opposite each other with legs wide apart. This way you have a perfect view of each other’s vagina. You can excite each other by playing with yourself first. Then slide together and place one leg over the leg of the other. Have your girlfriend lean slightly to the right (or left) while you lean in the opposite direction.

Move your hips so that your vaginas rub against each other. You can use a little lubricant to make the rubbing go smoother. This position is also suitable for a double dildo. While you use the double dildo together, you can massage your clitoris with one hand.